Medical marijuana

Should Marijuana Be Used for Medicinal Purposes?

There are opposing viewpoints all over in regards to this topic. Many people see marijuana as a dangerous mind-altering substance, but that usually comes from ignorance and misunderstanding. Marijuana is actually much less harmful to your body than smoking, alcohol and even most prescription drugs! It has been shown to help people who are suffering from severe pain, depression, bipolar disorder, stress and many more physical and mental ailments.

I personally think that marijuana should be legal and not just for medicinal purposes. I think it should be regulated like alcohol, (not sold to minors, not allowed to drive under the influence, etc.) but I don’t think legalizing it is all that dangerous.

Currently in some states it is legal to smoke marijuana by receiving a medical card. People with a medical card for marijuana can possess limited amounts of the plant for their own personal use. I think the system right now is somewhat flawed. It is really easy to obtain a medical card and there is nothing that can stop those with a card from selling or sharing with their friends. More regulations should be put on this if we aren’t going to legalize it altogether.

Overall I think this is a very touchy subject for many. Traditionally we are taught to think of marijuana as a dangerous drug that should be avoided. I agree that while it is illegal those without a medical card shouldn’t be using.

Even if it you disagree with the law you should still obey it. What do you think? Should marijuana be legalized, reserved for those with serious health conditions or be avoided altogether?

And if its legalized should we finally stop drug testing marijuana patients? Do we really have to humilate other citizens with drug testing, forcing them to use synthetic urine for drug test and other tricks to fool the system?

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