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Does Synthetic Urine Work in 2018?

I recently got this message on my facebook. We are talking about urine drug testing, how to pass a drug test with synthetic urine or with detox drinks, actually both ways work, I have passed many urine drug test in the last 4-5 years with these detox products, but some people think synthetic urine doesn’t work in 2018.

Mouth swab test

So here is the message I got from one of my reader:

1st of all, there is no company in 2018 that should be using a “cotton swab”, an oral test can not be beat. Like a UA, there are very narrow test parameters that will trigger a non-negative result if there are any abnormalities and the test administrator is conducting the sample collection to the manufacturers specs.

The saliva tests can not be used solely in HR/Termination cases as there is only one FDA approved product on the market as of 2/2018, and they are only used as an indicator that will trigger a escorted and immediate trip to the occ clinic where you will have to take a UA that you will not beat.

There is no product that will mask your body fluid or clean your system out in 10 minutes period, if the tests are collected correctly, the sponge or swab is left in your mouth or swabbed for up to 3 minutes so that your mouth secrets fresh saliva from your glands and you are dirty, it will pick it up.

In the late 90s’ and early 2000s you might have been able to trick a UA, with the current tech and the very specific markers or derivatives spacific drugs leave in your body, the specific weight and gravity and extremely narrow temperature range and low detection limits it’s not worth loosing your job over.

And really if you think about it, would you want to be working next to or with some one operating heavy equipment or doing something that could injure or kill you or some one else if they were high or buzzed or flowing on oxys?

One more thing…synthetic urine doesn’t work, anymore, you can not pass a urine drug test with fake pee, hey guys it’s 2018…

Any ways just my .50 cents worth….BTW if you can’t tell, this is what I do for a living so I’m not just sharing what I think, it’s what I know……so listen to what im sayen….or roll the dice player 🙂 ether way it keeps bread on my table!

Oral Clear Gum For Saliva Drug Test

First of all there are many products to pass a salvia drug test. Oral clear saliva neutralizing gum, Toxin Wash mouth wash..just to name a few, both of these detox products work, both work the same ways, they mask drug toxins in your saliva, they give you a clean zone for about 30 minutes. I have personally used oral clear on a random drug test at work, and it worked very well.

does synthetic urine work

Synthetic Urine works

I also got this message regarding urine drug testing:

I am 6’3″ and weigh in at 3 bills. I smoke about every two weeks …. smoked and found out I had a drug test coming up on my 9th day. Got up hat morning and did the certo/gatorade thing and passed my home test then went to the clinic and took the test ( eScreen cup ) and came home and pissed in my last home test I had and passed on it too so I was so confident that I passed. I took the test on last friday , got the call today that I failed my test..seriously How??? Every video promotes CERTO and I follow the instructions carefully…What should I do now?

I highly suggest you to stop  thinking of using stupid home remedies for drug test such as: Palo Azul tea, Cranberry juice, drinking vinegar or Certo.Using synthetic urine for drug test is the best and safest way to pass a urine drug test. Why would you use something else? A bottle of Quick Fix urine cost 39$ I don’t belive you can not afford it.

Second: Synthetic urine does work, its still work in 2018 and I bet it will still work in the upcoming years. Brands like Quick fix and Sub Solution keep updating their formula, they containt 10+different chemicals, ura, uric acid, balanced for PH etc…

They even look and smell like real pee, if the temperature is good, there is no way to fail your test. If you are looking for a more in-dept Sub Solution synthetic urine review then visit this site. They basically review every single detox products and synthetic urine brands.

Sub Solution is a bit more expensive than other brands, but its very easy to use and almost impossible to not to catch the right temperature because it comes with heat activator powder, just keep adding the powder slowly until the thermometer gives you the green light.

If you decide to use Sub Solution synthetic urine, you do not even have to prepare at home, just fill up the flask with luke warm water (you can do that in the testing facility’s toilet) and when you are already in the testing room, just add a little heat activating powder and shake it gently and submit the fake sample for the assistant. If you have some spare money, I would order two bottles of Sub Solution synthetic urine, so you can practice the whole process at home.

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